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Bopp Heat Sealing Film

Bopp Heat Sealing Film

One and two side heat sealable film with one side treated BOPP film.

Multilayer Coextruded Film

Multilayer Coextruded Film

Heat sealable layer for multilayer film for PET, BOPA, BOPP lamination and printing material.


Almost 30 Years of Flexible Packaging Solution Supply | Multilayer Coextruded Film/ Vacuum Bag ISO & HACCP Production | 100% Made in Taiwan - Der Yiing Plastic

Der Yiing Plastic Co.,Ltd. is one of a Multilayer Coextruded Film/ Vacuum Bag manufacturer since 1991, and is specialized in shrink film, anti static bag, ESD bag, silicone release film production with ISO & HACCP certifications.

Reach, RoHS and MSDS compliance protective film for your packaging applications, Der Yiing Plastic's heat sealable film is your total packaging solution. Der Yiing Plastic's plastic film is widely used in printing, electronic, petrochemical, architecture, chemical and medical sectors, and sold worldwide with solid reputation.

Der Yiing Plastic has been offering customers high-quality flexible packaging film, both with advanced film extrusion technology and 40 years of experience, Der Yiing Plastic ensures each customer's demands are met.

Multilayer Coextruded Film/ Vacuum Bag


The multi-layer co-extrusion film uses two or more plastic materials, melted into a liquid state at high temperature, and enters a precision die. The internal runner system is designed to combine the melts, and then the cooling wheel is shaped and then rewinded , The base material layer and the adhesive layer are completely fused and integrated into one piece.

The multi-layer co-extruded film has excellent puncture resistance, heat sealability, cold resistance, water resistance and gas resistance, and good mechanical processing performance. It replaces traditional laminated packaging materials, which not only saves the cost of secondary processing, but also improves The shelf life of the food can effectively seal its freshness and aroma. Suitable for all kinds of refrigerated and frozen food packaging.

Heat Sealable layer for multilayer film for PET, BOPA, BOPP Lamination and printing material

Excellent gas & Water Vapor Barrier characteristic, Extends shelf life, Aroma preservation.
Pinhole Resistant, Excellent Deep Drawing Moldability, Leak-tightness, 95°C Boiling-Resistant.

Deepfreeze Application

Deepfreeze Application from -18°C to -30°C, Pinhole-Resistant, leak-tightness.
Excellent Forming characteristic, Good Transparency, 15 Days Shelf-Life Under Ambient Temperature 95°C Boiling-Resistant.

Excellent Forming Characteristic

Excellent Forming characteristic, Good Transparency, High Barrier 90 Days Shelf-Life Under 0°C to 4°C.
Heat Sealable layer for multilayer film for PET, BOPA, BOPP Lamination and printing material, High Barrier characteristic, Excellent Gas & Water Vapor Barrier.

Instruction for the Correct Use

Storage & Handling - Keep tightly sealed when not in use. Multilayer Coextruded films is largely unaffected by climatic influences but should not be exposed in transport and storage to temperatures above 30°C (86°F) or high humidity. If roll and bags unwrapped or in carton packing, place roll and bags safely in horizontal position.


  • Food Packaging, Vacuum bags, Medical Devices, and Industrial Materials.

Layers Available

5 Layers, 7 Layers, 9 Layers, 11 Layers.

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