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Bopp Heat Sealing Film

Bopp Heat Sealing Film

One and two side heat sealable film with one side treated BOPP film.

Multilayer Coextruded Film

Multilayer Coextruded Film

Heat sealable layer for multilayer film for PET, BOPA, BOPP lamination and printing material.


Der Yiing Plastic PET Film Service Introduction

Der Yiing Plastic Co.,Ltd. is Taiwan PET Film supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years experence. Since 1991, in the Plastic products manufacturing industry, Der Yiing Plastic has been offering our customers high quality PET Film production service. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Der Yiing Plastic always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • PET Film
    PET Film

    PET Film is a relatively comprehensive packaging film. It has good transparency and luster, good air tightness and aroma retention, moderate moisture resistance and a low moisture permeability at low temperatures.

  • Matte PET Film
    Matte PET Film

    We produce all kinds of Matte PET Film, (Matte Polyester Film), Matt PET Film withhigh quality. Matte PET Film has a matt surface which is different as gloss pet film. The mainproperty of matte PET film is different surface gloss and matte effect depending on different application, even thickness, good dimensional stability, excellent processing ability.

  • PET Shrink Film / Shrinkable PET Film
    PET Shrink Film / Shrinkable PET Film

    We are the professional manufacturer of PET Shrink Film (Shrinkable PET Film). PET Shrink Film is made of PETG (Glycol-modified PolyetthyleneTeraphthalate) which has a higher shrink percentage than the PVC shrink film and the OPS shrink film.

  • Superior Metallized PET Film
    Superior Metallized PET Film

    We produce high quality metallized PET film. Metallized PET films normally refer to Aluminum metallized PET film, which are made entirely of light metal. The films obtain a metallic shine and thereby achieve a special optical effect.

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