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Microwave packaging bag for food.

Microwave Packaging Bag for Food

For the packaging of microwave foods, attention should be paid to the microwave performance of food packaging, the preservation of delicious food and the convenient performance of microwave ventilation. In addition to the food-grade raw materials, Der Yiing Plastics pays special attention to the characteristics of high-temperature and microwave-resistant film materials, avoiding the risk of food safety caused by the generation of toxic substances after microwave heating.

Microwave venting packaging

Moreover, our materials pass through SGS heating and dissolution test to provide consumers with food safety. In order to preserve the deliciousness of food and the convenience of microwave, our company introduces microwave venting packaging. The special design of this packaging allows consumers to microwave without having to unpack the package or cut a corner in the package. With the principle of pressure release during the heating process, the package will automatically open from both sides, which is not only easy to use, but also preserve the delicious taste of the food itself and retain the moisture of the food itself, so that the microwave food can restore the taste that the producer wants to express.

Microwave Packaging Bag for Food
Microwave Packaging Bag for Food

The selection of packaging materials

Microwave foods are cooked under high temperature after microwave generation. Therefore, the selection of packaging materials pays more attention to microwave performance and high temperature resistance. In accordance with the attributes of our customers' products, our company will not only use SGS-certified packaging materials, but also will test it from time to time. Although this will increase the cost of quality inspection, we pay more attention to the customer's peace of mind. We do a lot of checks for our customers, so that consumers can purchase our customers' products with more confidence.

Special design

The life of modern consumers is busy. So microwave ready-to-eat products are more widely accepted by consumers. How can we make the taste of microwave foods better after microwave heating? Der Yiing Plastics provides different combinations of packaging according to customers' needs. Materials, after the production is completed, using microwave heating and then sent to the consumer's table, can maintain the consistency of the taste of the food, Da Ying plastic has been continuously researched and combined with the database for decades, providing customers with the most suitable packaging materials. For example, microwave venting bag, its special design allows consumers to directly microwave without cutting the bag before microwave. It is not only convenient, but also better locks the delicious food and moisture in the bag, which improves the deliciousness and health of the food.

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