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Bopp Heat Sealing Film

Bopp Heat Sealing Film

One and two side heat sealable film with one side treated BOPP film.

Banding Film

Banding Film

Heat Sealable Banding Film in colors and transparent.


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Der Yiing Plastic Co.,Ltd. is one of the flexible packaging solutions | plastic film manufacturers since 1991, and is specialized in shrink film, anti static bag, ESD bag, silicone release film production with ISO & HACCP certifications.

Reach, RoHS and MSDS compliance protective film for your packaging applications, Der Yiing Plastic's heat sealable film is your total packaging solution. Der Yiing Plastic's plastic film is widely used in printing, electronic, petrochemical, architecture, chemical and medical sectors, and sold worldwide with solid reputation.

Der Yiing Plastic has been offering customers high-quality flexible packaging film, both with advanced film extrusion technology and 40 years of experience, Der Yiing Plastic ensures each customer's demands are met.

Sandwich Bag

Sandwich Bag
Sandwich Bag
Sandwich Bag
Sandwich Bag

The biggest advantage of our side tear sandwich bag is the easy-to-tear sandwich bag that can be torn from the left or right side, so whether you are left-handed or right-handed, it's easy to use, simple, fast, and not sticky.

Convenient sandwich bags create a happy hour for yourself and your family and friends.

What material is the sandwich bag made of?

Sandwich bag material - anti-fog CPP film
1. After special anti-fog treatment, it can reduce the formation of water mist.
2. Improve the preservation of package contents, reduce plant heat and ripening damage.
3. Increased transparency of the film, increasing the appeal of the contents of the package.

Can the side tear sandwich bag be used with a microwave oven?

Our side tearing sandwich bags can be comfortably heated in a microwave oven with a heat resistance of up to 90 degrees Celsius. The printed oil film is also a food grade oil film to ensure your health, delicious taste and peace of mind.

Can you give us a sandwich bag samplefor test?

Welcome to ask the salesman for samples, we want to give you the best experience to enjoy, remember to try it yourself, easy to tear to bring you a cool experience, you will know the advantage of this sandwich bag.

Testing report:

First, we have a heat resistance report for sandwich bags, which can resist 90 degrees Celsius.
Second, we have qualified data for eight major heavy metal dissolution test reports.

What harm does the heavy metal of food cause to the human body?

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury are highly toxic, and long-term (chronic) dietary intake can accumulate in the human body, damaging the system tissues such as organs, muscles and nerves, especially the fetus and young children are more susceptible; Heavy metals can cause acute poisoning, causing damage to the internal organs and nervous system, but this condition does not occur frequently in the diet.

Product knowledge

*Anti-fog film material
If the stuffing in the sandwich bag is hot, there will be heat.
The bag with anti-fog effect prevents mist and atomizes the contents and toast.

*The sandwich has added cannabis, which has a high water content and contributes to microbial growth.
Please choose the environmental sanitation store to buy, and also buy it as soon as possible.
Otherwise, it should be stored in the refrigerator, and the temperature should be less than 7 degrees Celsius to ensure the food is fresh and safe.

Product Specifications

Name of Product: Side Tear Sandwich Bag
Public Version: Panda / frog / rabbit / dessert / pink coffee / happy (can be customized)
Specification: 6cm / 6.5cm
Material: Anti-fog film
Heat Resistant Temperature: 90 degrees Celsius
Note: The product can be directly contacted with food/product for one-time use.

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