BOPP Pearlized Film

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Bopp Heat Sealing Film

Bopp Heat Sealing Film

One and two side heat sealable film with one side treated BOPP film.

Banding Film

Banding Film

Heat Sealable Banding Film in colors and transparent.


Almost 30 Years of Flexible Packaging Solution Supply | BOPP Pearlized Film ISO & HACCP Production | 100% Made in Taiwan - Der Yiing Plastic

Der Yiing Plastic Co.,Ltd. is one of a BOPP Pearlized Film manufacturer since 1991, and is specialized in shrink film, anti static bag, ESD bag, silicone release film production with ISO & HACCP certifications.

Reach, RoHS and MSDS compliance protective film for your packaging applications, Der Yiing Plastic's heat sealable film is your total packaging solution. Der Yiing Plastic's plastic film is widely used in printing, electronic, petrochemical, architecture, chemical and medical sectors, and sold worldwide with solid reputation.

Der Yiing Plastic has been offering customers high-quality flexible packaging film, both with advanced film extrusion technology and 40 years of experience, Der Yiing Plastic ensures each customer's demands are met.

BOPP Pearlized Film

BOPP Pearl Film is made by foaming. This OPP material is different from heat shrinkable film series, non-shrinkable, mechanically bonded by labeling, good gloss, used for printing food and daily necessities, good waterproof , non-toxic, tasteless, recyclable, and one of the environmentally friendly materials.

Product Introduction

White Pearlized Cavitated Bopp film, one or two side treated is co-extruded with white core layer in non or heat sealable. It is designed for printing and the simultaneous application of glue on the opposite side it ideal to provide light barrier to product. These films can be used as a single layer or in multi layer laminate as an inner sealant for chocolates, ice cream packaging and Soda drink bottle label.

Suitable for high speed laminating processing

BOPP pearlized film has pearlescent look, high glossy & opacity, excellent print ability & laminating, excellent heat sealing & machinability, low density, high stiffness & low static properties. It is suitable for high speed laminating processing.


  • Excellent heat sealable strength.
  • BOPP pearlized film is single side heat sealable.
  • Excellent UV blocking ability.
  • BOPP pearlized film has good opacity and bright white surface, low density and excellent processability, which makes it more beautiful after printing.
  • Thickness: 35U
  • Width: 500mm ~ 800mm
  • Length: 3000M, 4000M (Specifications can be customized)

Suitable for all kinds of automatic packaging machines.

BOPP pearlized film can make packaging more efficient, save manpower, reduce cost, waterproof, anti-dirt, anti-breakage, and effectively insulate and protect products.


  • Popsicle, wet wipes, mask base film, ring binder labeling of any material.